Additional Services

Below you will find a list of services that I can offer and provide to you.

Camera Club Talks & Presentations

As an extremely enthusiastic and passionate photographer, I am always willing and on the lookout for any opportunity to be able to spend some time with fellow enthusiastic like-minded people and simply talk about photography and images. Whether people want to simply see a presentation of my photographic works or whether they want a talk on a specific aspect of photography, I will always make myself available to meet the needs of the Camera Club, Group or Society in question. If you would like to schedule a visit to your Camera Club, please reach out to me using the Contact Me page.


Portfolio Review & Critique

If I could name just one thing as being the most invaluable and helpful to me personally in regards to improving my own photography it would have to be the honest and constructive critique of other skilled and talented photographers. Photographers who have been at this game longer than you will nearly always know more than you or at least will be able to look at things in a different light or perspective than you.

A lot of the time when we start off with photography we can very quickly fall into the trap of accepting too much praise from our nearest and dearest friends and family on Social Media sites such as Facebook. While these tools are great for sharing images, they are your worst enemy in regards to getting actual honest feedback and critique. Of course our family and friends will always press the "Like" button and will always shout our praises but they nearly always don't practice photography themselves and so they certainly don't know how to identify the technical flaws within an image. It is these technical mistakes that often prevent a good image from being an great image.

I am always willing to go through people's photography portfolios and will offer both honest, constructive and helpful critique that will greatly help you on your own journey of photography and will enable you to reach your true potential.

Simply drop me an email via the Contact Me page with "Portfolio Review" in the subject field and we can take it from there.


Photographic Training & Workshops

Photography is like every other craft or trade in that the individual photographer always has something new to learn and to master in order to better themselves and to improve their overall abilities, skills and knowledge.

Perhaps you are stepping into a new area of photography and you want to find out the tips & tricks of that particular genre of photography or maybe you are someone who is looking to brush up on or improve their post-processing capabilities using various software applications such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom and many more.

One on One Workshops are a great way for photographers to gain these additional skills and to improve their own abilities and knowledge. Group Workshops are also available. For more information regarding the Training & Workshops packages that I offer, check out my Training & Workshops page.


Image Processing & Restoration

We all have old printed images laying around the house in some old dusty box that have become dirty, faded or scratched. With the advent of the digital age, it is now very much possible to restore these photos to their original glory and to clean them up so that they can be printed again on new paper using better inks and printing technologies.

As well as restoring old images, I can also process your new images for you as well. As someone who has been working within the computing industry for well over 15 years, I know all too well of the fact that most people hate using computers not to mention sitting in front of them for hours trying to process their images. I can do this for you if you preferred.

Reach out to me via the Contact Me page with "Image Processing" in the subject field and I will come back to you quickly with time and cost estimates.


Screen Calibration

Ever wonder why the colour tones of your image looks different when viewed on different screens or on your friends/clients computers?

This is simply due to the fact that every screen is different and requires calibration.

One task that new and even more experienced photographers often neglect is that of correctly calibrating their monitors and screens. Every screen and monitor that you use for viewing and processing your images should be correctly calibrated to ensure that you are working with the best and most accurate colours that your monitor or screen can display.

In order to correctly calibrate your screen, you will need access to both the relevant calibration software as well as a Colourimeter which is a device that sits in front of your screen display.

I have these essential items and I can easily perform these calibration tasks for you for a minimal cost. Email me via the Contact Me page with "Screen Calibration" in the subject field and we can take it from there.


Software Installation

As someone who has worked with computers and software over 15 years now, I know all too well of the fact that most people not only hate using computers but also hate having to install and configure software. Why stress yourself out?

I can easily install any software on your machine for you, again for a minimal cost. Email me via the Contact Me page with "Software Installation" in the subject field and I will quickly come back to you with details and costs.


Website Design

In this day and age everyone and anybody has or needs a presence on the Internet in some shape or form. From personal blogging platforms to simple informational websites, to Photography Portfolios and even on to more advanced sites including shopping and e-commerce solutions. I can assist you with getting your website up and running. Once your site is built and running, I can also continue to support you with the maintenance of the site as well as the continual and on-going task of SEO (search engine optimization) which plays a big part in the overall success of your website.

Feel free to reach out to me via the Contact Me page with "Web Design" in the subject field, provide me an overview of what you want/need and I will then come back to your quickly with time/effort and cost estimates.