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Astrophotography & night photography workshops

Fascinated by the glorious objects in our night sky? Love standing under the stars but not sure how best to photograph them? Want to know how to best setup your camera so that you can successfully capture and produce your own amazing images of the night sky?

I love photographing the night sky and I have spent countless hours doing so and enjoying every minute. I have made the mistakes and have learnt from them.

Why not join me on either a personalized 1-2-1 or one of my Group based Astrophotography Workshops so that I can teach you what I have learnt.

Through these Workshops I will teach you how to plan your night shoots, how to setup your camera with the optimal settings, how to best capture the night sky with your camera and how to process and produce your own night sky imagery.

Astrophotography requires a lot of planning with respect to location research and composition, similar to Landscape Photography. However, Astrophotography also has the added factors of cloud cover, moon phases, light pollution and levels of darkness in the sky to consider and plan for.

For shooting the Milky Way specifically, you are ideally looking for clear skies around the new moon phase. This is a relatively short period of time during a given month. And this proves specifically challenging here in Ireland as we are not presented with these opportunities as often as elsewhere in the world.  And because of the lack of shooting opportunities, it is vital that you are prepared with the relevant knowledge and skills to take advantage of these opportunities when they do present themselves.

During my Astrophotography Workshops, I will teach you:

  • How to plan your Milky Way shots (pre-visualization)
  • How to setup your camera/lens with the optimal settings
  • How to capture the best RAW data that your camera can capture
  • How to process your RAW files so that you have the cleanest images possible

Are you interested in learning about capturing the night sky with your DSLR/Mirrorless camera?

Are you looking to refine your Astrophotography shooting workflow?

Are you wondering how to produce cleaner night sky images?


Then these Workshops and training courses might just be for you!

The rates for my Astrophotography Workshops and Training courses are as follows:

Full Day (8 hours) 1-2-1 Sunset & Astrophotography Workshop - €245 per person (€345 for 2 people sharing and €420 for 3 people sharing)

1/2 Day (4 hours) 1-2-1 Astrophotography Workshop - €175 per person


To discuss my Astrophotography, Milky Way and Night Photography Workshops in more detail or to arrange a Workshop, you can contact me via the following forms: