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Introduction to long exposure photography

Do you want to learn how to produce images where you are capturing and depicting motion over a period of time? Or do you find yourself looking at images where the water becomes misty or “milky” in texture and the clouds streak across the sky?

Well then this Workshop will reveal and transfer the knowledge and skills required in order to produce images just like the one above.

During this 3 Hour Workshop, you will learn:

  • How Long Exposure Images Are Captured

  • ND Filters And Why They Are Needed In Order To Slow Down Shutter Speeds

  • Working in Full Manual Mode And Controlling The Camera’s Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO settings

  • Operating In BULB Mode

  • Focusing Techniques When Using Strong Density ND Filters

  • Calculating Correct Exposure Settings

  • Composing Your Images

  • Utilizing Long Exposure Techniques to Create or Add Mood Into Your Images

  • Benefits Of Shooting In RAW

  • The Importance Of Having Sturdy Tripods For Long Exposure Image Making

This Workshop will be taking place down at Ballycotton in County Cork on Sunday November 11th 2018.

It will start at 6.45am and will finish around 10am. Hopefully we will be treated to a nice sunrise during the Workshop.

This Workshop is limited to 4 Spaces and will cost €75 per person.

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